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Boiling Mud and Human Hamster Balls

February 6, 2012

I decided to move to Rotorua around the 6th of Jan. I tried hitch hiking long distance for the first time and got there in just a few hours! Rotorua is best known for the constant thermal activity in the area. Unfortunately because of this, it smells of sulfur most of the time. Besides the smell, it’s like a lot of NZ towns, nice, not impressively engaging, but not bad for a few days of wandering. And that’s mostly what I did, hung out at the hostel with cool people and wandered around.

This awesome graffiti is of Maori Tiki spirits.

The city park is built around the thermal activity. Here is a thermal mud pool sunken into the ground. You can just see the bubble about to boil. There are also clear thermal baths for soaking that are more inviting, but still share the sulfur smell.

One of the many great, creepy looking lakes.

Besides the city park there’s a few national park attractions where the cooler stuff is. Below is the Lady Knox geyser, set off everyday buy adding soap to break surface tension which is cool, but also cheating.

Devils Bath, a fluorescent green, hot, acid filled lake.

One of the main reasons I came to Rotorua was for Zorbing. Zorbing is an extreme sport of sorts inwhich you squeez into a giant plastic ball, and roll down hills. It may not be the most extreme, but it’s damn fun!

Two Zorbs rolling.

Me just after zorbing. You can go dry and strapped in, or what I did where the zorb is filled with water and you tumble around like a wash cycle.


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  1. Leslie Blake permalink

    That zorbing looked AWESOME!!!!! What fun!!! Enjoy and soak in all the sights of the world, both man made and natural! You will never regret exploring!! Keep up the blog and you could have yourself a wonderful travel book/ guide!!!!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    who ever heard of Zorbing….way cool. Not sure I would want the one with the wash cycle.

  3. Susan Wisniewski permalink

    love the graffiti…so cool. My husband has traveled all over NZ and really love Rotarua

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