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The good side of work stays

February 6, 2012

After a while in Rotorua I was feeling restless again, so I made my way south.  The farm stay I had found on short notice  was in Peka Peka, in the Wellington Provence.

I got my own little cottage to live in, on a small farm-esk property complete with chickens, a sheep, a cat that permanently  adopted me, and peacocks.

Can you say peacock egg omelets?

My three days there was short, but fun and relaxed.  One of my grueling work duties was to walk her dog, Jude, on the beach.

Funky Driftwood on said beach with Kapiti island in the background.

Fantastic view from the bluffs behind the house.

Sunsets before storms are the best.

Here is a view of Kapiti island from down the coast a bit, near Paraparaumu, where my next stay was.

Although it was equally short, it was also fun. I stayed with an English/Kiwi couple whose passions were folk music and fine wine, and they shared plenty of both with me. I’ve been treated well by everyone I’ve stayed with in NZ, and these last two hosts are great examples of how interesting and enjoyable this kind of situation can be. Plus, those feelings are mutual. It’s obvious that the people who host couchsurfing or woofers love having new and foreign people around, and I’m sure my attempts to contribute as a guest set the stage for even greater hospitality. Even though the old stories and wine I get might be more special to me than the help around the house I’m giving to them, we both come out on top.







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  1. Suz permalink

    these pictures are surreal. you’re living a calendar come to life!

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