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Holiday Chill.

February 5, 2012

I left my work stay early on the 24th. My family had come over for the holidays and I went north to Auckland to meet them.

My mom, sister and brother stayed for ten days. As much as I was thriving on my independence, it was very nice to see them. Christmas and New Years is somewhat calm here, compared with the states in the sense that few things are open, and there is less shoved in your face. It was a nice change, but did leave a bit to be desired if you were looking for festivities. We spent the holidays fairly quietly, while touring around the north island. I found myself back in the Coromandel, but spent a couple days in a different  town, Tairua. We went to a nice beach, and got really nice sunburns. Another place we got to was Waitomo Caves, South of Hamilton. It’s a cool spot with large caves to hike through, and heaps of Glow Worms you can see by boat on an under ground river. We also spent some time around Auckland. First in the city itself, then on the north shore across the bay which had a surprisingly different neighborhood feel to it.

Traveling with the family was luxury time for me, we stayed in hotels, ate out, and had a rental car. The car was especially awesome. not only for exploring all the cool areas of Auckland, but leisurely state of travel instead of buses. Also I am now skilled at driving on the “wrong side” of the road.  It was cool to have the Family come over, and I didn’t realize how much i liked seeing them until they left. They flew home on the 4th of January, and I was back to my bunk beds and instant noodles.


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